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What does DOUA mean?

Doua  Du·a


1. invocation to a higher power

2. the feminine form of duo (Latin)

3. a gathering or event that exceeds normal expectations because of the awesomeness that is generated

Where does DOUA produce?

DOUA produces both internationally and domestically, with an emphasis on supporting local manufacturers and vendors. All product is produced ethically and with environmental sustainability as a top priority

How does pricing work?

All of the products that we have displayed on the website are for customized order.  This means that we can change the shades, sizes, shade materials, and lamp finishes. Additionally, we are able to add a base that can accommodate rocker switches, grounded outlets, and USB ports.  

In our eyes, we want to make the perfect lamps for you and your customers, therefore pricing is dependent on each design.  If you would like the lamp as shown on the website or custom, send your specifications to and we will provide pricing.

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